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Pervious Concrete is a mix of coarse aggregate, cement, water, and little to no sand. Also referred to as “no fines” or porous concrete, this mixture creates an open cell structure allowing water to filter through to underlying soil. VBI makes it easier than ever to balance the demand for cost effective development with the conservation of our natural resources. Pervious Concrete is a LEED recognized product and is ideal for various applications.

  • Parking Lots
  • Sidewalks and Paths
  • Low Traffic Driveways
  • Storm Water Management Areas
  • Residential and Commercial Projects

Pervious ConcreteConventional Concrete

Advantages of Pervious Concrete:

  • Naturally reduces storm water runoff
  • Naturally reduces pollution associated with storm water runoff
  • More permeable and less heat output than pavement
  • More property available for building, less for water management and retention
  • Lower life cycle cost than asphalt, longer overall lifespan as well
  • Finished product provides a no slip textured surface
  • Void Structure, best for parking and driving areas, eliminates puddles of water
  • The same durability as conventional concrete

VBI works in conjunction with or can provide ACI Certified Technicians for finishing Pervious Concrete.

Examples of Pervious Jobs Click Here.

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