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A “Liquid Soil” Solution

Flowable Fill is typically comprised of cement, fine aggregate, fly ash, slag, and water. The mixture has a high water to cement ratio, making it a self-leveling material. Flowable Fill is an ideal option for backfill, sub-base, or repair application. With volumetric trucks VBI can modify the density of Flowable Fill to meet specific site conditions. Flowable Fill is an ideal application for various types of projects.

  • Utility Trenches
  • Curb, Sidewalk and Street Sub-Base
  • Paving Sub-Base
  • Foundation Sub-Base
  • Structural Backfill
  • Retaining Wall Backfill

Wall BackfillFoundation Sub-Base Void Fill Pavement Sub-Base Utility Trenches

Advantages of Flowable Fill:

  • Easy to place by means of truck, pump or bucket
  • Does not form voids during placement
  • No settlement
  • Strong and durable load carrying capacities
  • Self consolidating and self leveling
  • Reduced equipment needs
  • Reduces the need for manpower to place and finish
  • Certain applications eliminate the need for formwork
  • Can be placed in any weather

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