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VBI exclusively uses Volumetric Mixing Trucks. These trucks allow us to deliver the highest quality product and the best experience for our clients. Our trucks use the same raw material as conventional concrete. The raw materials are kept separate; dry materials are then combined with water once they reach the mixing auger. This creates several key advantages over traditional ready mix trucks.

  • No Minimum Loads.
    Volumetric Mixers can supply concrete in volumes from one half yard to ten yards per truck.

  • No Waste.
    Volumetric mixers carry their own raw materials and can batch and mix concrete on-site, when and where it is needed.

  • No Excessive Material Charges.
    Only pay for what is poured.

  • No Hot Loads.
    Concrete is mixed on-site allowing for fresh concrete every time.

  • No Mess.
    No washing out of excess concrete on site, a quick rinse of the auger and chute, then the trucks can leave the job site.

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